UFC que choisir 56

UFC-Que Choisir is a non-profit organisation under the French law of 1901, with around 170 local organisations, over 141,780 members, and 300 drop-in centres spread throughout France. UFC-Que Choisir’s representatives, both nationally and locally, are volunteers who are helped by a team of employees, including engineers, legal experts, journalists and more. The Federation holds an annual AGM to set its direction and elect the Board of Directors. Led by the Chair, this board coordinates and implements the Federation’s policies and strategies.

The Morbihan Federal Union of Consumers (UFC-Que Choisir 56) was created in 1978. Formed exclusively of volunteers, it performs several roles:

  • Welcoming consumers, providing them with information and advice on their everyday practices. Helping them to settle disputes with traders,
  • Carrying out surveys and questionnaires in the field, particularly price and service comparisons which feature in its publications,
  • Representing consumers’ voices at the relevant committees and authorities (at the local, regional and national level),
  • Defending consumers’ interests in court.

Our volunteer activists attend regular training and skill-building sessions. They are well-informed about changes to consumer regulations and jurisprudence. At our offices, they welcome consumers, providing advice and information. If a file needs to be opened or the organisation is required to intervene in writing, by phone or by email, etc., they will ask the consumer to become a member. The law does not allow UFC-Que Choisir to intervene on behalf on non-members.

Within the SOLENN project, UFC-Que Choisir 56 brings consumers’ viewpoints to the discussion to help guide the solutions that are developed. As a result, UFC-Que Choisir 56 is involved in several aspects of the project:

  • external communication,
  • supporting consumers,
  • setting out principles of power modulation,
  • setting out the nature and format of information desired by consumers,
  • setting out and monitoring the trial plan,
  • consumer behaviour studies,
  • cost-benefit analyses for customers,
  • overall assessment and making project recommendations.