Key issues

SOLENN is bringing together a consortium of twelve partners, all of whom are involved in the challenges of the energy transition. The aim of the trial is to test solutions which can mobilise both local authorities and consumers to deal with two of the three challenges of the Breton Electric Pact:

  • Electricity Demand Management (EDM),
  • Securing the electricity supply.

1000 people will take part in the project in the towns of Lorient and Ploemeur for the threeyear SOLENN trial. All participants will first be equipped with a Linky smart meter.


The SOLENN project will be an opportunity to test and develop information and support tools for consumers. These will allow households to become more aware of their electricity consumption through local events and training on Electricity Demand Management.

SOLENN will provide local authorities with the means to manage their energy policy effectively and to change their citizens’ habits.

The other key issue in this trial is to secure the electrical grid. The aim is to offer a solution to divide available electricity between customers. Consequently, should there be any strain on the electrical grid, customers will have a minimum amount of energy available. This will be enough to power appliances for basic needs (heating, lighting, etc.), and is known as targeted capping. It will be tested as an alternative to a total ‘load-shedding’-type power cut once market mechanisms have been created.

The solutions tested throughout the SOLENN trial will be applied in Brittany for three years, but in the long term the project will be developed on a nationwide scale.

The SOLENN consortium is formed of 12 complementary partners, all committed to making the project a success:


 The demonstrator project is the first smart grid project in Brittany and was chosen following a call for expression of interest in ‘smart grids’ by ADEME (the French Environmental and Energy Management Agency). As part of the €13.3m investment in SOLENN, the French State is contributing €5.3m.





pacte-electrique-breton_CRBretagneThe Breton Electric Pact, signed on 14 December 2010 by the French State, the Region of Brittany, the French electricity transmission system operator RTE, ADEME and the French national housing agency ANAH, represents the commitment of all energy stakeholders in Brittany to overcome the challenge of the region’s fragile electrical grid using threen complementary approaches: managing electricity demand, developing renewable energy sources, and securing the energy supply.