Niji is a consultancy, design and technology firm which focuses entirely on digital convergence practices and technologies.
Niji supports its clients – stakeholders in the market economy and public services – through digital transformation of:

  • their range of products and services,
  • their multi-channel customer relations methods,
  • their organisational processes.

From the original idea to reality, Niji brings together digital strategy consultancy, technological consultancy, design of services and interactive applications, and turnkey software creation in one value chain.

Strategically independent and financially stable, Niji is a group funded by its founders and a core group of employees.

Taking advantage of the value potential of data: Niji’s contribution to the SOLENN project

As part of the SOLENN project, Niji will contribute its multidisciplinary expertise to develop innovative solutions which take advantage of the value potential of data:

  • A multi-source data integration and analysis tool designed to collect data from varied sources and analyse it, providing tools to help make decisions about an area. This solution will be built around innovative data chain processing technology (e.g. large-scale storage technology, semantic technology, Open API, data analytics, etc.). The tool will be designed so that it can easily include other utilities (gas and water).
  • A local approach to EDM (Electricity Demand Management) training programmes to develop collective information strategies aimed at groups of users. This approach both promotes knowledge-sharing and ‘gamifies’ competition between trial areas. Niji mobilises all of its know-how in consultancy, design and creation of digital methods to imagine and build an innovative and interactive solution which uses consumption data to create digital tools, engaging citizen-consumers effectively and sustainably.

Using individual data and digital trust

A unique feature of the SOLENN project is its use of personal energy use data of a sensitive nature. Niji studies and implements appropriate mechanisms to secure the use of this data within an end-to-end digital chain, in accordance with current regulations (the French data protection authority CNIL, the French Energy Code, European regulations); beyond the purely technical aspects, we will also pay close attention to the non-technical elements which help to build users’ digital trust.