The trial

One of the challenges of the SOLENN trial is to implement a strategy of collective events to reinforce the individual support provided in terms of Electricity Demand Management (EDM). A variety of solutions have been developed and tested, in particular:

  • aggregation solutions developed by Enedis for consumption data from Linky smart meters,
  • tools to integrate multi-source data as well as EDM training tools developed for Greater
  • Lorient Agglomération by Niji, an expert in digital convergence

In the long-term, these solutions will help to support local authorities in their public EDM policy and allow them to:

  • mobilise citizen-consumers throughout the trial,
  • evaluate the effects of this mobilisation both individually and collectively.

SOLENN’s objective is to participate in the region’s dynamic, providing special equipment to customers and local authorities. Individual and collective support, including ambassadors and an events and training platform, is being provided in order to help them take the right steps.

SOLENN includes the word “solidarity“, and another of its challenges is to ensure that everyone receives a minimum amount of electricity. This involves testing the innovative solution of targeted capping to secure the electricity supply. In the event of an incident or strain on the grid, individuals should be able to receive a minimum supply of electricity so that everyone can use basic electrical appliances.