Trial participants and
observers, SOLENN stakeholders

Multimages Enedis - PH527 : Métiers de la technique clientèle de l'UCF IDF Est / LUNDI 15 DECEMBRE 2014Around 1000 trial participants and observers are taking part in the SOLENN trial of Electricity Demand Management. They will take their energy use into their own hands, thanks to the many tools available to them and the help and support provided. To be involved in the SOLENN trial, homes need to be equipped with Linky smart meters, which have been rolled out in and around Lorient and Ploemeur. Participants and observers can then:

  • track their daily electricity use via monitoring and analysis tools,
  • take part in individual and collective events and training sessions to understand and act on
    their consumption,
  • better control their energy use in the short-, medium- and long-term.

Through their participation and comments, the 1000 participants and observers in the SOLENN trial will help to test solutions both for EDM and securing the electrical grid.