Lorient agglomération – A trial region

The third largest urban area in Brittany, Lorient Agglomération includes 25 local authorities and 205,000 inhabitants.


picto_bretagneLorient Agglomération has been chosen to host the SOLENN trial.
The urban area is extremely committed and has set itself ambitious targets to reduce its energy use and greenhouse gas emissions as part of its Climate and Energy Plan. Lorient Agglomération has already launched a local approach to energy – its innovative local energy loop, ‘BIEN LA’, which won a call for proposals from the Region of Brittany. 


100710-Lorient vue du ciel,port de kernevel, BSM

Lorient Agglomération aims to move towards energy transition in the region by 2030 by optimising the balance between local energy production and use.



100710-Lorient vue du ciel, depuis Gavres

 Finally, the area includes urban and semi-rural areas, which will allow researchers to determine how the solutions tested as part of the SOLENN project could be expanded nationwide. These factors combined make Lorient Agglomération the ideal location for the trial.


A savoir

A few facts about electricity use in the Greater LorientLorient Agglomération area:

  • 1/4 of final energy consumed is from electricity,
  • around half of energy use is by the residential sector,
  • 25% of homes are equipped with individual electric heating (Source: INSEE 2013)