Electricity demand management

SOLENN, working to help the region and its citizens

What is Electricity Demand Management (EDM)?

Electricity Demand Management aims to optimise consumers’ energy costs by influencing energy use through demand rather than supply, while limiting the impacts on the environment and on infrastructure costs.

The challenges of Electricity Demand Management for the SOLENN trial

The key aspect of the SOLENN trial is using local events and training and the benefits of Linky smart meters to mobilise a large number of stakeholders to manage their electricity use.  

Changing habits by mobilising stakeholders

Making consumers stakeholders in the electrical grid is a key aspect of the SOLENN project, which provides consumers and local authorities with tools designed to help them better understand their electricity consumption. The equipment tested and developed throughout the project will also be used to provide advice on Electricity Demand Management:

  • collecting and aggregating electricity use data from Linky smart meters by ERDF,
  • using a tool to analyse multi-source consumption data, cross-referenced with regional data (macro-economic data, sociological data, etc.) in order to obtain a better understanding of local energy characteristics, to adapt the regional events and information strategy and to measure the impact of energy policies (Regional Climate and Energy Plans, Local Habitat Programmes, etc.) on the region,
  • holding local EDM events and training sessions, using energy consumption data in order to create healthy rivalry between groups of consumer-trial participants using technology from Niji,
  • providing personalised individual information on energy use, broken down by type of use, using solutions developed by Vity and Delta Dore.

Support provided to consumers also includes:

  • PH522-008_photo_médiathèqueERDF

    helping them to understand where electricity comes from, how it is supplied, and energy issues linked to these factors,

  • explaining the basics of electric power demand (the power supplied by the supplier) and energy use to inhabitants in order to raise awareness of energy issues,
  • changing how they use energy and their habits and explaining why supply management is needed when incidents affect the electrical grid,
  • using trial participants to mobilise consumers individually and collectively, with volunteer local relays acting as EDM ambassadors led by ALOEN, the French Local Energy Agency.

In conclusion, SOLENN aims to optimise innovative local EDM events and training, using data from local sources, while contributing to consumer satisfaction.

The Linky smart meter

The project is based on the use of the LINKY smart electricity meter. Linky is the new generation of Enedis smart meters which allows readings to be taken remotely within shorter times and without sending out a technician.

Linky also makes it possible to bill based on actual use and not on estimates, and to diversify tariff offers.

This next-generation meter is a fundamental step towards ‘smart grids’, and allows the SOLENN project to be managed effectively by facilitating access to consumers energy use data for better consumption management.




puceinformation on www.erdf.fr/linky-le-compteur-communicant-derdf or with the consumer phone number +(33) 0 800 054 659.